The effects of daily driving can really take a toll on your car’s exterior. From bird droppings and bug splatter to UV rays and acid rain, your vehicle’s paint never seems safe.

So, what’s a driver to do? The answer might be paint protection film, or PPF. This clear, urethane sheet is applied directly to your car’s exterior to efficiently protect your automotive paint from the outside elements.

But when you’re in the market for PPF, what is the best paint protection film for your car?

The specialists at Paint Protection Fresno have the answers you’re looking for. Here is the difference between the three leading PPF film manufacturers on the market, including XPEL, 3M, and LLumar.


XPEL Paint Protection Film 

Here at Paint Protection Fresno, we use XPEL PPF for our paint protection film solutions. That’s because this brand has been considered an industry leader since it first introduced its film in 2011.

Part of XPEL PPF’s magic is its self-healing properties. The heat-activated self-healing topcoat is constructed from elastomeric polyurethane. This enables XPEL PPF to return to its pre-scratched state. To put it simply, PPF can self-heal swirl marks and light scratches.

Furthermore, XPEL 8mm-thick paint protection film will not yellow from the sun’s UV rays, ensuring long-lasting invisible protection. It is also stain-resistant and will not suffer from any discoloration. XPEL’s innovative Edge Seal Technology ensures it will stick to your car like glue, keeping all exterior surfaces efficiently protected. It’s also backed by a 10-year warranty.


3M Paint Protection Film

3M is a household name in the world of adhesives and abrasives. But they also are the grandfather company of high-quality paint protection film. During the Vietnam War, 3M created a protective film in collaboration with the United States military to protect helicopter rotor blades from getting damaged by debris. Later on, 3M PPF was used by NASCAR teams to help protect their vehicles on the track.

Being in the PPF game the longest, 3M does offer fantastic films. The company has even developed its own software for pre-cut kits. However, they do not currently offer any paint protection film with hydrophobic, or water-repelling, properties. 3M also does not have raving paint protection film reviews from fans like XPEL does. Furthermore, their longest warranty is for only seven years, compared to XPEL’s 10-year warranty.


LLumar / SunTek PPF

Another leading paint protection film manufacturer is LLumar. This brand actually shares the same film composition as SunTek, but the product is sold under two different companies. Both brands are owned by Eastman Chemicals. In addition to PPF,  LLumar and SunTek are both heavy contenders in the window tinting industry.

Many car owners believe that LLumar PPF has great clarity and a glossier finish than other PPFs available on the market. While this may be true, it’s hard to tell the difference in the finish if two vehicles with different PPFs are parked side by side.

One standout feature of LLumar PPF is that it has hydrophobic properties. Because of this, LLumar paint protection film makes it easy to clean grime and mud off of your car.


XPEL vs 3M, LLumar vs XPEL: Which PPF is Right for Me?

Among these three PPF brands, which one should you choose? While all of these brands offer top-notch paint protection films, it’s important to select the best PPF for your unique needs.

Some questions to consider when selecting PPF include:

  • Do you want paint protection film with self-healing properties?
  • Do you want your PPF to efficiently repel water?
  • Do brand names matter to you?
  • Do you want a long-lasting warranty for your paint protection film?
  • Do you care if your PPF yellows or fades?

Fresno’s PPF Specialists

If you want PPF from a leading brand that features self-healing properties, superior protection, and is backed by a long-lasting warranty, then XPEL is the best clear bra for cars. At Paint Protection Fresno, we use XPEL because of these amazing qualities.

If you want to learn more about XPEL or our paint protection film solutions, contact us today. Call (559) 246-6734 now. We look forward to chatting with you soon!