Ceramic coating is a smart solution for protecting your car’s paint from UV rays and corrosive contaminants. In addition to preventing the paint from fading, ceramic coating shields your car’s exterior surfaces from tree sap and bird droppings while boosting its resale value.

Most ceramic coatings last between two and seven years. However, you can get the most out of your ceramic coating by properly maintaining it.

Here are five helpful tips from the automotive detailing experts at Paint Protection Fresno for caring for your ceramic coating. 



Does Ceramic Coating Need to be Maintained? 

Before we begin, we must address the important question, “Do I need to maintain my ceramic coating?”

Absolutely! Just like any other automotive protection, you need to take care of your ceramic coating. This ensures it efficiently protects your car’s paint for years to come.

Contrary to popular opinion, ceramic coating doesn’t clean and maintain itself. While it makes your vehicle easier to clean thanks to its hydrophobic properties, you still need to wash your car by hand every few weeks.

Follow these five simple tips to make your ceramic coating last as long as possible. 



1. Avoid Automated Car Washes 

The quickest way to destroy ceramic coating is by taking your car to a drive-through car wash. Those gigantic brushes and curtain-like cleaning mops will instantly damage your ceramic coating.

Rather than taking your car to an automated car wash, we highly recommend washing it by hand using pH-neutral soap, and the two-bucket method. 



2. Use the Two-Bucket Method 

Speaking of the two-bucket method, this is the best way to clean your ceramic coating. As the name implies, this washing method uses two buckets, including one with a mixture of pH-neutral soap and water, and a second bucket for rinsing.

Dip a micro-fiber mitt into the first bucket to clean specific areas of your car. After cleaning, dunk the mitt into the rinse bucket to remove debris. This prevents dirt, pebbles, and other particles from rubbing against your car’s surfaces. 



3. Don’t Wash Your Car in Direct Sunlight

While you may enjoy soaking up the warm rays, direct sunlight doesn’t do your ceramic coating any favors. If you wash your car in direct sunlight, it increases the risk of streaks and splotches forming. That’s because sunlight creates heat, cracking the ceramic coating over time.

It’s always best to wash your car in low-light hours, such as the early morning or late afternoon. It’s even better to wash your car in a garage or under a shade, if possible. 



4. Wash Your Vehicle Every Other Week 

To keep your ride polished and pristine, wash your car by hand every two weeks. Since ceramic coating repels water, this should be a breeze. The hydrophobic properties prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your car’s surfaces. 



5. Hand Dry Your Car 

After thoroughly washing your car, dry it with a clean microfiber towel. Allowing your car to air dry will leave unsightly watermarks. 



What Should You Not Do After Ceramic Coating? 

Now that you know what you should do to maintain your ceramic coating, here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t wash your vehicle for seven days after a ceramic coating installation.
  • Avoid using aggressive cleaning products to wash your car.
  • Do not let contaminants, such as bug splatter or tree sap, linger on your car’s surface for too long.

These mistakes can lead to a loss of shine and reduced hydrophobic capabilities. 



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