Paint protection film, or PPF, is an effective way to protect your automotive paint. Like adhesive films that protect your smartphone from scratches, PPF is a transparent layer of urethane that safeguards your car’s paint from UV rays, corrosive elements, and rock chips.

 At Paint Protection Fresno, we’re proud to use XPEL paint protection film as we believe this is the best PPF on the market.

 Continue reading to learn five reasons why we trust XPEL PPF for its durability, longevity, and superior protection. 


1. Advanced Technology 


Anti-Yellowing Technology

XPEL is a pioneer in PPF technology. Unlike other films, their proprietary film formulation won’t yellow from UV exposure. This ensures you will receive nearly invisible protection for as long as you have your paint protection film.

XPEL PPF is highly stain resistant and maintains crystal-clear clarity under the harshest conditions. You’ll never have to worry about unsightly blotches or spots. 


Edge Seal Technology

XPEL’s Edge Seal Technology guarantees the film stays firmly in place and never delaminates or lifts. Every inch of your car’s surface will be protected from contaminants. 


2. Unrivaled Protection and Effortless Maintenance 

In 2011, XPEL introduced a revolutionary industry technology when they released their self-healing topcoat. When activated by heat, XPEL PPF can “heal” itself from swirl marks and scratches.

XPEL can also:

Prevent Wear and Tear 

XPEL PPF will protect your automotive paint from rock chips, scratches, corrosive contaminants, and swirl marks.


Make Maintenance a Breeze

XPEL paint protection film is simple to clean and maintain with XPEL Aftercare products. Thanks to its hydrophobic—or water-repellent—capabilities, less dirt will stick to your vehicle. You can easily remove debris with soap and a soft cloth.


3. Industry-Leading Warranty 

Customers might hesitate to install paint protection film because they wonder if it’s worth the investment. Luckily, XPEL gives you peace of mind by backing up their film with one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market—-a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


4. Fantastic Customer Support 

Aside from their best-in-class products, XPEL provides customers with five-star support. In today’s digital age, connecting with an actual customer service associate on the phone can be challenging, not with XPEL! XPEL has people on call 24/7, ensuring you’ll receive around-the-clock support night and day. 


5. Countless Options For Superior Protection

XPEL has many PPF options to choose from, offering superior protection to fit your needs.


XPEL Paint Protection Film

  • XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF: This invisible urethane film protects your car from damage and boosts its resale value.
    • ULTIMATE PLUS 7: This PPF protects and restores your car’s surfaces, concealing existing damage.
    • ULTIMATE PLUS 10: This rugged urethane film protects your paint from severe weather and harsh environments.  
    • ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK: This sleek opaque urethane film enhances your car’s aesthetics and preserves its paint.   
  • XPEL STEALTH PPF: Intentionally designed to preserve flat factory finishes, STEALTH PPF can improve the gloss and depth of your paint.


Other XPEL Products We Use

Rest assured that when you choose XPEL products at Paint Protection Fresno, you’re choosing the best in the industry for vehicle protection. We stand by the quality and durability of the XPEL brand and are proud to offer a range of XPEL products in addition to our popular paint protection film service.


XPEL Ceramic Coating 

  • Ceramic Coating: In addition to paint protection film, XPEL also offers FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. When applied over PPF, this product provides an extra layer of protection, extreme shine, and hydrophobic properties.   

XPEL Window Film

  • Window Tint: Want to enhance your car’s appearance, privacy, and security? Consider XPEL window tint. It blocks up to 99.99% of harmful UV rays, keeping your cabin cool while reducing your risk of skin cancer.
    • NANO-CERAMIC WINDOW TINT: This tint is infused with ceramic particles and blocks out most infrared heat and UV rays.   
    • METALLIC WINDOW TINT: This window tint features superior heat rejection capabilities and gives your vehicle a “blacked out” appearance.
    • DYED WINDOW TINT: XPEL revolutionized dyed window tint by delivering best-in-class UV protection to improve comfort and safety.


We Choose XPEL To Protect Vehicles—Will You? 

As you can see, XPEL paint protection film offers numerous benefits to customers. Their film delivers unmatched protection, can improve the look of your paint, and will never yellow or peel. Best of all, XPEL PPF is backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Want to protect your automotive paint for years to come? Call Paint Protection Fresno today. Whether you want full front or full body protection, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more, contact us today by calling (559) 246-6734. We look forward to hearing from you!